Our crowdfunding passed the goal!! and we want to thank everybody who helps us financing our project. Although the goal is already reached, it is still possible to make donations, you can do it through the Rugsteunt's site.

And as we promised: As a thank you to our backers who sponsored us with €100, we have named diamonds used in our recent studies after them. This is called a confocal image, made with a confocal microscope. Using fluorescent molecules, very small molecules which have a small “flag” which lights up, subcellular structures can be visualized. In this case, a green dye was used to stain the outer boundary (the membrane) of the cells and a blue dye was used to stain the cell nucleus. The red light comes from our diamond particles, which are in- and outside the cells! The cells you see here are HeLa cells, named after Henrietta Lacks, an African-American women who suffered from cervical cancer, from whom these cells come. HeLa cells are a widely renowned model for studying cancer on the cellular level. Thank you so much for supporting us in our studies A.M. Zweens, Marijke Lempens and Daniel Furrer!

Named nanodiamonds