Another BBQ time

19th Juin 2019

19th June 2019 : nice evening together, the food was realy fantastic and our programme was : frisbee and blowing ballons.
We shared a good moment!

Simon and Yori made it to the final for the 3 minute thesis 3MT competition for the general public

April 2018 : The 3MT competition is an oral presentation orgenized by the RUG where people have to explain their thesis in 3 minutes. Simon presented the intersest to use nanodiamonds in cells and Yori presented the technical part of the lazer.

Simon wins the brilliant poster award at the Diamond workshop in Hasselt

Simon receives a prize

March 2018 : The Hassetl Diamond workshop is a international meeting where researchers can exchange the latest news on the progress in science and applications of CVD diamond. Simon present his reseach about HeLa cells and diamonds.

Simon wins the de Cock grant

The Cock grant is orgenized by the UMCG and awards PhD students. Simon present his applications about nanodiamonds on mitochondria.

Kiran got a new grant

Romana receives a prize

February 2017 : The ​Jan Kornelis de Cock-Foundation has awarded Kiran with a grant to finance part of her research. Kiran won the price with the project "Oxidative stress response to diamond internalization in yeast cells". In this study, she will investigate metabolic changes in yeast cells when they are exposed to nanodiamonds.

¡¡¡An ERC grant for Romana!!!

September 2016 : The European Research Council (ERC) awarded Romana with a Starting Grant for her project about Stress Imaging. This personal grant aims to support talented young scientists and consist of 1.5 million euros dedicated to financing a five years long project.

Aryan Morita will join our group

October 2016 : Aryan Morita, from Indonesia, will start her PhD in our group in October. She won an LPDP scholarship from the Indonesian government to fund her PhD with us. Welcome Aryan!!.

Yori is now a PhD student

October 2016 : Yori will continue in our group, but now as a PhD student. He has been awarded by UMCG with a scholarship that finances his studies under the MD/PhD programme.

More prizes for Andreas

October 2016 : Our alumni Andreas Nagl received the Erwin Wenzl award for his master's thesis "Nanodiamonds for Diamond Magnetometry for Biological Applications" which did during his stay in our group. Congratulations!!

Femke awarded

October 2016 : The Rosalind Franklin Fellows of the University of Groningen have chosen our alumni Femke Oosterhof to be awarded the Avril McDonald prize. Congratulations Femke!!

Ewald Wicke Prize for Romana

February 2016 : The Ewald Wicke Foundation and the German Bunsen Society for Physical Chemistry awarded Romana with the Ewald Wicke award. The prize distinguishes young scientist for outstanding scientific achievements in the area of applied physical chemistry.


February 2016 : Our crowdfunding passed the goal!! We want to thank everybody who helps us financing our project. As we promised, we have named our diamonds in honor to our backers who sponsored us with €100, meet them in our crowdfunding section . If you want to support us, our project is still open in the Rugsteunt's site.


Open position for a Ph.D. student

January 2015 : We are searching for an excellent candidate with an MSc. in chemistry or a bio-related subject. A background related to our project (such as bioanalysis, analytical chemistry, biosensors, nanobiotechnology, surface functionalization) will be appreciated. For more information, please don't hesitate in contact us.

New grant for Romana

December 2015 : The research proposal "Investigating cellular aging by quantum sensing", presented by Romana, has been awarded an FOM-Projectruimte grant. This funding is given by the Foundation for Fundamental Research on Matter (FOM) to projects of fundamental research with an innovative character and a demonstrable scientific, industrial or societal urgency. [link].


October 2015 : Our Crowdfunding page is still receiving contributions. You can get more information about our project in this page and in the Rugsteunt's site. Also, we are always glad to answer your questions, look here to know how can you find us (contact us).

New students

October 2015 : This month we have received a new Master student in our team. Welcome Yori!!! Also, Felipe had received a scholarship and will continue in our group, now as a new PhD student, congratulations!!

Changes in the team

September 2015 : With the end of the academic year, some or our students have come back to home. We have to thanks to Femke, Sona, Melissa, Johnny, David and Andreas for their important contributions to our project. We wish you all the best in your studies and career.


May 2015 : We launched an initiative to collect funds for our project. For details and contributions, please visit our page in Rugsteunt or contact us.

Welcome new members!!

May 2015 : Sona Guluzade received an ERASMUS+ scholarship in order to join our team and to work with us.Together with her, other three students will join our group during this period: Melissa, Johnny and David.
Our team is growing fastly!!.

Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting

May 2015 : Romana will participate in the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting this year. She was chosen to attend this meeting where different Novel prize winners will share their experience with young scientists. The scientific programme will comprise lectures, discussion sessions, master classes and panel discussions.

New web site

February 2015 : Our group premieres this new web site to share our work with the community.

Romana won a prize

March 2015 : Romana Schirhagl was awarded with the "Fachgruppenpreis" for analytical chemistry at the Anakon. The price will be given on March.

Andreas receives a grant

December 2014 : Andreas Nagl receives an Erasmus stipend for his project in our group.

Romana is Rosalind Franklin Fellow

November 2014 : Romana Schirhagl is officially installed as a Rosalind Franklin Fellow. [link]

Romana receives a prize

Romana receives a prize

May 2014 : Romana Schirhagl receives a Theodor Koerner Prize for her innovative research on diamond magnetometry. [link]

Andreas receives a grant

Andreas Nagl receives an Excellence stipend by the IV-Kaernten for his project in our group.